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The curing polyester resins at room temperature is usually not possible with only the organic peroxide - gelation takes place too slowly and, therefore, we add to the resin cobalt accelerator. This compound helps to increase the rate of gelation and improve process control. When applying hardeners: methyl ethyl ketone peroxides -eg. Metox, cyclohexanone -eg. Cetox, or acetylacetone, we recommend the use of cobalt Accelerator. Never add cobalt to hardener, always to the resin.

Sometimes it takes an additional compound called promoter - eg. N, N-dimethylaniline or N, N-diethyl acetoacetamide. This combination is used when:
- very short gel time is needed
- the resin is strongly inhibited or less reactive, eg. vinylester resin.

We offer Cobalt Accelerators of any content of cobalt, according to the customer's needs. We present the most frequently used: 10%; 6% 2% and 1% Co.

Curing system methyl ethyl ketone peroxide / cobalt accelerator can be briefly described:
- the more cobalt is added to the resin, the stronger the color of the finished product
- products have very good resistance to UV rays
- long life time of the resin with the cobalt accelerator