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Product description Cobalt(ll) 2-ethylhexanoate, 1% Co, in mineral spirits
  Cobalt content 1%
  Balance 4% mineral spirits, 90% styrene, 6% Cobalt(ll) 2-ethylhexanoate
  CAS No. 136-52-7
Specification Appearance violet liquid
  Cobalt content 1.0% +- 0,2%
Physical properties Density, 20°C 910 kg/m3
Safety characteristics Flash point 40°C
  Auto ignition temperature >350°C
Solubility Insoluble in water. Soluble in various organic solvents
Hazardous reactions Might react violently with organic peroxides. It is therefore not allowed to storage or transport the product together with peroxides. NEVER BRING AŃ ACCELERATOR INTO DIRECT CONTACT WITH PEROXlDES!
Major decomposition products FIRE; Cobalt oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide may be formed,
Toxicological Data LD 50, acute oral (rat) >2000 mg/kg
  Primary skin irritation Moderately irritating
  Eye irritation Moderately irritating
  Ames test Not mutagenic
Packaging 0,9 kg; 4,5 kg; 25 kg. On request, there are 180 kg barrels and 900 kg IBCs available.
Applications The addition of the unsaturated polyester resin, accelerator.
Dosage Depending on working conditions, the following peroxide and accelerator dosage levels are recommended:
  Metox 50 1-4 phr*
Przyspieszacz 1% Co 0,5 - 3 phr*


Recommended Handling Procedures and First Aid


Protective equipment and handling instructions - Use safety goggles or face shield and gloves.
- Extra ventilation recommended.
- Use clean equipment and tools of inert material, such as stainless steel, polyethylene, glass.
- All equipment should be earthed.
-No sparks, open flames
- Never bring peroxide into direct contact with accelerators.
Storage conditions Keep container tightly closed in a well-ventilated place. Temperature 0-25°C. Keep out of peroxides
Storage stability Only when stored under these recommended storage conditions, the product will remain within the ILT specifications for a period of at least six months after delivery.
Fire fighting Extinguish with powder, foam, BCF extinguishing media, water mist or carbon dioxide. Keep undamaged containers cool with water.
Spillage Collect as much as possible in a clean container for disposal. Mix the remainder with an absorbent (e,g. vermiculite). Flush the rest with water. Avoid contact. Avoid ignition.
Disposal According to local regulations. Code of waste by recycling 070604
Spillage on clothes Remove contaminated clothes. Examine skin. If skin contact, wash or shower; apply a lanolin-based ointment. Launder clothes normally.
Eye contact Rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical advice
Skin contact Wash with plenty of water (and soap) or shower, afterwards apply a lanolin-based ointment.
Ingestion Rinse mouth. Seek medical advice. Do NOT induce vomiting.
Inhalation Move to fresh air, rest, half-upright position. Loosen clothing. Seek medical advice.                 

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*phr = parts per hundred resin